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Butterfly On A Pink Flower, Limited Edition - T. Edwards

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“Butterfly On A Pink Flower”
-Otto Designed

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Here at Otto Designed, we strive to provide others with the access to the tools, materials and knowledge that they need in order to pursue their creative journey. We are based in Malawi and have seen many artists struggling to survive as the lack of tourism during the pandemic takes it’s toll on everyone. Our aim is to help other people to explore the world of art and to find something that works for them so that they may grow it as a business, hobby or kind of therapy. We are hoping to fund this through our various available products on our website.

We are working hard to ensure that everyone is given a chance at succeeding in their lives. Likewise, your support will help us to change the lives of artists all over Africa, and the world.

“Butterfly On A Pink Flower”
Photograph by Tracy-Lee Edwards.
Limited Edition Prints for all occasions.

-Otto Designed

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