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African Sun Below The Horizon - Limited Edition Framed Print

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Beautiful African Sun Below The Horizon, Photography by Tracy-Lee Edwards. Limited Edition Framed Prints for all occasions.
-Otto Designed

About our Purpose

Here at Otto Designed, we strive to provide others with the access to the tools, materials and knowledge that they need in order to succeed in their creative careers. We are based in Malawi and have seen many artists struggling to survive as the lack of tourism during the pandemic takes it’s toll on everyone. Our aim is to support the less fortunate and help them to build their own successful business based around their skills so that they too may be able to support themselves and their families. We hope to fund this through our Limited Edition Framed Prints and Apparel.

With such little access to education here, there are many people struggling to find their feet and grow to fulfill their talents. However, we have a goal to change that. We are following a dream to help people who cannot help themselves as hard as they are trying. There are so many creators all around Africa who don’t have the opportunity that they deserve so we are here to change that!

We each deserve to have a live free from struggle and to live in peace and contentment. Our passion came about 2 years ago, after meeting an extremely talented artist who had no hands. He was pursuing his dream by painting with his wrists and his feet, yet he was not managing to make money selling his work, not only because there is a lack of support during this pandemic, but more importantly because he does not have access to what he needs in order to make his business flourish.

We are working hard to ensure that talented creators are given a chance at succeeding in their lives. Likewise, your support will help us to change the lives of artists all over Africa, and around the world.

“African Sun Below The Horizon”
-Otto Designed

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