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1. Jodi-Dawn Otto – Founder
2. Where it all started
3. My purpose behind OD
4. What I do
5. From the founder

Jodi-Dawn Otto

Painting commissions for my clientele, I give a piece of myself to others through my art work. I find ways to bring their visions to life and this is all such a blessing to me.  I share with them a wonderful appreciation for creation.

I’ve been doing art my whole life, but not always with a passion. However, the past few years I have been devoting my time to my creative journey so that I may be able to help other people who struggle with theirs.


Where It All Started

I’ve been interested in creativity since I was a little girl. That may just be thanks to my incredible grandmothers who always made sure we had fun and exciting things to do when we were together. Sometimes we painted, did some baking or made fridge magnets.

Other times we would make collages, create our own jewelry, and have all sorts of different, creative sessions. My imagination loves to run wild now. Although I battled with it growing up as it can be overwhelming, I have learnt how creativity affects our minds and bodies in such a powerful and wonderful way.

My business began back in 2018 when I was a teacher in Cambodia. My wonderful friend and colleague had always wanted some pictures of Dolly Parton painted, to bring her inspiration into his home. When I found this out, I was eager to jump in and provide. I slowly fell in love with the ability to give people the opportunity to have their visions put out into reality, to give others a chance to fill their spaces with not only aesthetic visual pieces, but most importantly a meaningful, daily reminder of something that is personal to them. I was able to gift them with a piece of myself and some happiness along the way.

My Purpose Behind Otto Designed

I took art at school all the way through, but I could never understand how it would help me once I graduated. I used to think that it would not be something I could do for work, to help others or make a living off of. The older I got the more I began to realize the potential creativity truly has. I wish to share my inspiration with others. To help those with less and give other the ability to pursue its true tranquility.

My purpose behind Otto Designed is to give other creators the chance to pursue their skills as a successful business, so that they may make a living and support their families in doing so. Many artists are suffering from the lack of tourism and income all around Africa. I cannot bear the suffering and I strive to make a difference for creators with less. This is where my fire burns and I wish to spread it to others all over the world.

What I Do

I am a hard working artist pursuing my passion, in order to help other creators in their career.

My business consists of making one of a kind commission pieces for my clients. I have created various types of paintings, from portraits and landscapes, quotes, mandalas and tattoos, to animals, pets, nature and even nudes.

As well as my commissions business, I also run an online print store that uses some of the proceeds to provide artists with the knowledge, tools and materials that they need, in order to have success in their career.

Let’s be the good in the world!



From the Founder – Jodi-Dawn Otto
Photographer, Artist, Art Dealer & Entrepreneur)

The more you give to others the fuller you become. When you are able to give even just a little bit, it can make someone else’s day, month or even year. You may never truly know how much of an impact you make on other people’s lives. Always give your whole heart and remember that love is endless, you can never have none left.
So go on and sprinkle love wherever you go please, you could really make a difference!

Thank you so much for the support!
God Bless x

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