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Unique stories, unique perspectives.
The most precious thing about being human.

All About Otto Designed – What It Is, What I do, My purpose.

All About Otto Designed

“Unique stories, unique perspectives – the most precious thing about being human!”

1. What is OD?.
2. What I Do.
3. My Purpose.
4. From The Founder.

Everything has to start somewhere – businesses, relationships, skills. There is always a fresh beginning.
Even in life we begin as such vulnerable, unintellectual beings and we have to continuously learn and practice in order for us to grow and become who we need to be.

Here at Otto Designed, I have big dreams of helping others with less. My aim is to assist people who may not have access to the knowledge, tools or materials that they need in order to pursue their creative skills as a business, hobby or simply for mindfulness. Other times, people do not believe that they are able to follow a life of creativity. I want to help everyone to know that you are absolutely capable, and I am here to lend a hand.

What is OD?

Otto Designed is an online store offering a variety of items. Alongside my large archives of beautiful, limited edition photography prints and art prints, apparel and household collections have recently been added too. I have great plans and ideas for the future and I am hoping to grow and build my product selection over the next couple of years.

I built OD in order to increase my exposure, and provide other rising artists with relevant information and knowledge taken from my experience and skills. I am based around Southern Africa and am currently working on expanding to take my artwork and commissions worldwide. As a hard-working and determined creator, I feel very strongly and passionately about giving other people the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in building a better future for themselves and their families.

I am on a journey to show others that whether you are just starting out or you have been doing it for years, humans are all natural, talented creators. With just a little bit of practice, you can make such wonderful things. Not only are you able to grow to become incredibly good at something with consistency and willingness to learn, but art does not have to be used only as a tool for making money. In fact, it is used all around the world as a mindfulness therapy and works well for relaxation and inner growth. There truly is no other feeling than the one you have when you create.

What I Do

My slogan says:
 “I design so that others can too.”
This symbolizes what I wish to achieve. I design and sell products from my website and use the funds to support as well as grow my business so that I may spend more time and resources helping others. My main focus in my business is creating top quality commissions for my clientele, I love to bring colour into other people’s lives.

Through my website, I wish to promote my work, talents and skills so that I may inspire others to indulge in their creativity. If there is anyone out there who is feeling an urge to start art for the first time ever, I say DO IT. You will not regret it and you may even find you are much more talented than you ever expected. I know that it is not as easy done as said, where do you start? Don’t fear, I am here to help guide you along the way. I want to remind you that there are many different kinds of art such as – painting, sculpting, collage making, photography and so much more! So do not be afraid, if something doesn’t feel right, just keep exploring and you will certainly find something that works for you!

My Purpose

My greatest purpose here at OD is to give other creators the chance to grow their skills, so that they are able to make a living and support themselves in doing so. So many people are struggling in their creativity, my dream is to change that and I am on the way. I cannot bear the suffering and I strive to make a difference for creators with less. This is where the fire begins. With your help I will be able to spread this fire to creators all around the world!

In order to support other artists I must first gather the finances, this is where Otto Designed comes in. Through my variety of physical products and other kinds of products that I hope to introduce in future, I want to provide my customers not only with cultural expressions all the way from Africa, but I too wish to offer access to tips, guides and information to help others along their creative journey. From beginner to intermediate, I am expecting to have something for everyone. By helping others to grow creatively, I can build the support that I need to help more the same.
Join me and be a part of the journey!

From the Founder – Jodi-Dawn Otto
Photographer, Artist, Art Dealer)

The more you give to others the fuller you become. When you are able to give even just a little bit, it can make someone else’s day, month or even year. You may never truly know how much of an impact you make on other people’s lives. Always give your whole heart and remember that love is endless, you can never run out.
So go on and sprinkle love wherever you go please, you could really make a difference!

Thank you so much for the support.
God Bless x


A HUGE thank you to my incredible step mom Sandi, for making my dreams into a possibility and then a reality.
I love you past the moon and stars.

My Art Instagram – @jodidawnottocreations
OD Brand Instagram – @ottodesigned
OD BTS Instagram – @ottodesignedbts 

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Jodi-Dawn Otto
Jodi-Dawn Otto

Founder - Artist, Art Dealer & Entrepreneur

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